Male Cat: $59                            Female Cat: $69
Male Dog: $69                           Female Dog: $79

Dogs 45-55 pounds add $10.
Dogs 55-75 pounds add $20.
Dogs greater than 75 pounds, call for pricing.

(Price includes: pain medication, annual vaccinations and rabies. Rabies is required for all dogs and cats entering the clinic, unless proof of current vaccine is presented.)

Rabies: $10
Bordatella (Kennel Cough): $10 DHLPP (Dogs): $10
CVRP (Cats): $10
CVRP/Leukemia Cats: $15

Pain Medication: $10
Heartworm Test (Dogs): $15
FIV or FLV Test (Cats): $20
Micro-chipping: $25
Nail trimming: $3

Prepayment can be made using this link:


Please fill out the form below in order to register for one of our upcoming spay/neuter clinics. If there are no availabilities in one of our upcoming clinics we will add your name to our waiting list.

-If your pet is scheduled for surgery please remove his or her food the night before. We ask that no pets receive food after 9:00pm on the night before surgery. Water is acceptable in limited amounts.

-All animals must be brought to the clinic in an appropriate sized pet carrier or on a leash.

-Prices for the Spay/Neuter include rabies vaccination at no additional charge.

-*Animals will receive a rabies shot (as it is state law) unless you present a copy of your animal’s rabies certificate (available from your veterinarian).